Deluxe Kit
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Deluxe Kit

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The deluxe kit is our most complete Squishy Circuits kit. It comes with more items than the standard kit and comes with pre-made doughs so you can start circuit building right away! This kit also includes a deluxe battery holder which has a knob that allows your lights to blink and buzzers to beep at different speeds.

Weight 5.2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 x 7 x 5 in

1 – Deluxe Battery Holder
1 – Piezoelectric Buzzer
1 – Motor with Fan
1 – Mechanical Buzzer
1 – Switch
45 – LEDs (5 each or Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Color Changing)
1 – Set of Dough Sculpting Tools
1 – Rolling Pin
1 – .9 Pounds Container of White Insulating Dough
3 – 1 Pound Containers of Conductive Dough (in Red, Blue, and Green)

1 review for Deluxe Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    Great kit, but put in checked bags if traveling.

    I got this for my grandson (six years old). It was a great learning experience and he is still making new things with it. I highly recommend it.

    One problem – to take this for my grandson’s birthday, we had to fly. Not thinking, I put it in my carry on. At security, I discovered that, on an x-ray screen, the kit (dense material surrounded by electrical components) looks a lot like plastic explosive. The TSA screener showed me the image and I had to agree – he said it looked like many of the test items that they get checked with. After swabbing the kit and checking everything out, they let it pass. I will put in checked bags next time!

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