Buzzing Bee Project

Jun 20, 2023

Buzzing Bee Project

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Step 1

Begin by forming the body of the bee with yellow dough and rolling out the stripes with black dough. Then wrap the stripes around the body of the bee.

Step 2

Next, make two wings using the white insulating dough, and eyes using white and black dough. Attach the wings and eyes to the bee’s body. *Add googly eyes for a fun effect!

Step 3

Make the center of the flower with white dough and six petals using orange dough. Attach the petals as shown.

Step 4

Attach the buzzer to the flower and another piece of orange dough. Insert the red wire into the flower and the black wire into the piece of dough.

Step 5

Insert the black wire from battery holder into the piece of orange dough and the red wire into the bee's body. Turn on the power switch and touch the bee to the flower to complete the circuit and make noise!