Birthday Cake Project

Jun 2, 2023

Birthday Cake Project

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Step 1

Begin by flattening a round piece of green dough.

Step 2

Using a cutting tool, make two diagonal cuts in the green
dough to make a triangle shape for the bottom layer of
the cake. Discard the side pieces.

Step 3

Next, flatten a piece of red dough. Place the green dough
over the red dough. Using the green dough as a guide, cut
away the unwanted portions of the red dough.

Step 4

Flatten a piece of white insulating dough. This should cover
the cake shape as well as hang down the back of the stacked
layers of cake. Place the cake on the flattened white dough as
a guide. Cut away the unwanted portions of the insulating
dough. Attach the remaining white dough to the back of the
stack of colored dough.

Step 5

With all the cake layers together, flip the layered stack over so
that the white layer is now the top layer. Roll out three balls of
dough and place them on the back corner of the cake.

Step 6

Connect the LED by inserting the short terminal through
the white dough into the blue layer of dough. Insert the
long terminal into the green ball of dough.

Step 7

Last, attach the battery holder. Insert the red wire into the
colored cake layers through the back of the cake. Insert
the black wire into the green ball. Next, turn on the
battery holder to see the LED light up.