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At Squishy Circuits, we are passionate about providing a fun, hands-on educational opportunity that allows kids of all ages to learn electrical circuits basics.

We’ve published several papers highlighting our research and dedication to playful learning in the sciences.

A Tangible Medium for Electronics Education

This paper reports on the design of a circuit building activity intended for children, which replaces wires with malleable conductive and non-conductive dough. By eliminating the need for soldering or breadboards, it becomes possible to very quickly incorporate movement and light into sculptures, as well as introduce simple circuit concepts to children at a younger age. Future applications in both structured and unstructured learning environments, based on results from a preliminary pilot study, are presented.

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Squishy Circuits as a Tangible Interface

Squishy Circuits is an approach to exploring and learning electronics. This method uses homemade sculpting dough recipes, one that’s conductive and another that’s insulating to replace wires and insulators. Squishy Circuits can be used to model basic circuits, as well as used as an interface for more advanced microcontroller projects.

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