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Dough Recipes

The Squishy Circuits process begins with two types of pliable dough. The first is a conductive dough that allows for current flow. The second is an insulating dough that helps isolate different areas of a circuit. Most purchased play doughs will work as conductive dough and most modeling clays will work as insulating dough. Our Dough Kit includes both doughs ready made!

Both conductive and insulating dough can be made at home with basic ingredients found at your local grocery store. Follow the recipes and view how-to videos below to start your next Squishy Circuits project!

Conductive Dough Recipe [PDF]
Insulating Dough Recipe [PDF]

 Does your dough need a pop of color? Add food coloring to either dough. This will not affect the behavior of the dough; however, it does add a bit of difficulty in differentiating between the conductive and insulating doughs. For illustrative purposes, Squishy Circuits offers white insulating dough for easier identification.

Not sure which dough is which? Both are safe to taste. Conductive dough will taste very salty and the insulating dough is sweet. 

Conductive Dough Recipe

Insulating Dough Recipe