Boombox Project

Jun 2, 2023

Boombox Project

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Step 1

Begin by flattening a piece of green dough to use as the base of the boombox.

Step 2

Next, create the handle sides using the green dough and attach them to the top of the boombox.

Step 3

Using the blue dough, create the speakers, handle, and display details for the boombox. Attach these items to the boombox.

Step 4

Now you will need two pieces of red dough to form two different shapes. Roll one of the pieces into a ball. With the second piece of dough, create a music note.

Step 5

Time to create the circuit. Start by connecting the red wire from the battery holder to the boombox, and the black wire to the red ball. Next, add the buzzer to the circuit by connecting the black wire to the red ball and the red wire to the music note.

Step 6

Finally, complete the circuit and add sound to your project. Start by turning on the battery holder. Next, place the music note on top of the boombox speaker. This will cause the buzzer to make noise.