Bunny Project

Jun 20, 2023

Bunny Project

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Step 1

Begin by forming the ears of the bunny with blue dough. Rolling out the stripes with white dough. Then attach the white stripes on the base of the ears. Use the blue dough to make the base of the bunny’s head. Assemble as shown.

Step 2

Next, make two teeth using the white insulating dough. Using the blue dough make to cheeks. Making the nose out of the black dough. Attach to the base of the bunny.

Step 3

Roll out the eyebrows using the blue dough. Making the eyes using white and black dough. Attach the eyes as shown.

Step 4

Create the base of the carrot with the orange dough, using the green dough to create the leaves. Marking the carrot base and leaves. Attach the buzzer to the carrot and another piece of orange dough. Insert the red wire into the carrot and the black wire into the piece of dough.

Step 5

Insert the black wire from battery holder into the piece of orange dough and the red wire into the bunny. Turn on the power switch and touch the bunny to the carrot to complete the circuit and make noise!