Camera Project

Jan 26, 2024

Camera Project

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Step 1

Using black dough, make a large, rectangular cube and a smaller, thick circle. Position the circle at the center of the rectangle, this will be the camera body.

Step 2

Roll out a long strip of white dough and wrap it around the black circle until both ends meet, completing the lens.

Step 3

Create a small, flat rectangle using white dough and place it on top of the large rectangular cube.

Step 4

Craft a small, rectangular cube with black dough. With the yellow dough, craft a slightly smaller rectangle. Position the yellow rectangle at the center of the black one. Place both of these on top of the white rectangle from step 3, positioned upright and facing the lens as shown below.

Step 5

Attach the LEDs, with the longer leg going into the yellow rectangle and the shorter leg inserted into the black body of the camera, representing the camera’s flash.

Step 6

Shape a ball of black dough and keep it separate from the camera. Connect the reed switch's black wire to the black rectangle on top of the camera and then the red wire to the dough ball, establishing the circuit. Connect the black wire from the battery holder to the body of the camera, then connect the red wire to the black dough ball. Flip the battery holder switch to "on." Tap the magic wand on the reed switch to activate the camera’s flash.