Campfire Project

Campfire Project

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Step 1

Begin by forming a fire ring using white insulating dough.

Step 2

Next, line the outside of the fire ring with small round pieces of black dough. These will be the rocks around your fire ring.

Step 3

Create a thick disc shape, using red dough and place the disc inside of the white fire ring.

Step 4

Using both the orange and red dough create the flame licks for inside the fire ring. Create three licks of both colors. Next, place the flame licks onto the red disc shape inside of the fire ring. Be sure to alternate the colors when placing.

Step 5

Add in four LEDs to your fire. When inserting the terminals from the LEDs, be sure to have the long terminals inserted into the black dough. The short terminals will then be inserted into the red disc inside the fire ring.

Step 6

Light up your fire by attaching the battery holder wires. Insert the red wire from the battery holder into one of the black dough pieces. Next, insert the black wire into the red disc inside the fire ring. Turn the power switch on the battery holder to "on" to light up the fire!