Castle Project

Apr 28, 2023

Castle Project

Download Printable Instructions



Step 1

Begin by creating a square and two round pillars using yellow dough.

Step 2

Next, cut the middle piece in two and add a piece of white conductive dough to the center. 

Step 3

Make the door and a few white bricks out of the white conductive dough. Attach as shown. 

Step 4

Make two window shapes using blue dough. Attach to the towers of the castle.

Step 5

Create two cone shapes and attach to the top of the towers.

Step 6

Once cones have been placed on top of the towers, add the LED to the top of the castle by attaching the legs to either side of the base.

Step 7

Insert the black wire from battery holder into base of the castle. Attach the red wire into the other half of the base. Turn on the power switch and light up your castle!