Caterpillar Project

Jun 20, 2023

Caterpillar Project

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Step 1

Begin by forming the body using the orange, blue, and green
dough. Roll out the dough so you have two balls of each color
that are roughly the same size except for the head, which
should be slightly larger.

Step 2

Next, arrange the balls of dough by alternating color. The
balls should touch one another but leave a gap between
the head and the body.

Step 3

With the white insulating dough, create a thin disc shape
that can be placed in between the head and the body.

Step 4

Add the LEDs to your caterpillar. Insert the short leg of the
LED into the head and the long leg into the body.

Step 5

Add the googly eyes to the head of your caterpillar for a
fun effect.

Step 6

Light up your creation by attaching the battery holder to the
caterpillar. Insert the black wire from the battery holder into
the head. Next, insert the red wire into the first body ball
closest to the head. Turn the power switch on the battery
holder to "on" to light up the caterpillar!