Conductor Project

Jun 15, 2023

Conductor Project

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Step 1

Begin by rolling out two pieces of blue dough. Make sure they are roughly the same size.

Step 2

Next, connect an LED to both pieces of dough. Leave enough space between the dough pieces so that they do not touch.

Step 3

Insert the red wire from the battery holder into one piece of dough that also has the longer LED terminal. The black wire will then be inserted into the dough with the shorter LED terminal. Turn on the battery holder to light up the LED.

Step 4

Divide the piece of dough that is connected to the black wire to create two equal size pieces. Now create a small gap by moving the dough still connected to the wire away from its other half. Your battery holder should stay turned on.

Step 5

Your conductor test is now ready to use. Place an object between the cut pieces of dough. Make sure the object makes contact with both pieces to complete the circuit. If the LED lights up, the object is a conductor. If the LED does not light up, the object is an insulator.