Dinosaur Project

Jun 16, 2023

Dinosaur Project

Download Printable Instructions



Step 1

Using the blue dough, create four small squares for the dinosaur’s feet.

Step 2

Next, roll out a piece of blue dough and form into the body shape.

Step 3

Attach the four feet to the dinosaur’s body.

Step 4

Roll out and flatten a piece of white insulating dough. Attach the strip along the back of the dinosaur.

Step 5

Next, roll out two strips of blue dough the same length as the white piece. Place side by side on top of the white strip without allowing them to touch.

Step 6

Create the eyes using white and blue dough, then attach to the dinosaur’s head. Insert the short leg of LEDs into one piece of blue dough on top of the body and the longer legs into the other. *Add googly eyes for a fun effect! (not included)

Step 7

Insert the red wire from battery holder into one strip of blue dough and the black wire into the other. Turn on the battery holder to light up your dinosaur!