Elephant & Tree Project

Elephant & Tree Project

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Step 1

Create the body with a large piece of blue dough and attach four smaller pieces for the legs.

Step 2

Create the eyes, ears, and trunk using blue and white dough. Attach the pieces to the front of the elephant’s body.

Step 3

Roll out two pieces of white dough into cone shapes to create tusks and attach to the elephant.

Step 4

Using your green dough, create the tree trunk and four raindrop shapes for the leaves. Attach the leaves to top of the trunk.

Step 5

Roll out a ball of green dough. Connect the black wires from the buzzer and battery holder to the green ball. Next, connect the red wire from the battery holder to the tree trunk and the red wire from the buzzer to the elephant. Once you turn on the battery holder, touch the elephant and tree together to make noise!