Fireflies Project

Jun 21, 2023

Fireflies Project

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Step 1

Begin by forming the body for each of the three fireflies. Each one will use a different color for the body.

Step 2

Next, make the wings using the white insulating dough. Two wings will be needed for each firefly body. Attach the wings as shown.

Step 3

Attach two googly eyes to each firefly body for a fun effect!

Step 4

Create a module using the yellow dough and purple dough. Place a small portion of white insulating dough in between the yellow and purple dough.

Step 5

Place each firefly on top of a wired LED. Make sure the red wire is always on the right side. The LED should extend from the back of the firefly body.

Step 6

Attach the wired LED lights to the module by inserting the red wire from each firefly into the yellow dough and inserting the black wires into the purple dough. Complete the circuit by inserting the red wire from the battery holder into the yellow dough and the black wire into the purple dough. Turn on the power switch from the battery holder to light up the fireflies!