Flashlight Project

Jun 2, 2023

Flashlight Project

Download Printable Instructions



Step 1

Create a rectangle and a wide triangle out of red dough.
Combine both pieces so they form the shape below.

Step 2

Next, roll out a long piece of white insulating dough. Attach to
the end of the flashlight.

Step 3

Roll out a larger rectangle of red dough to create the head of
the flashlight. Attach to the white insulating dough.

Step 4

Rolling out a smaller piece of white dough, create a small
rectangle for the button. Attach to the top of the flashlight.

Step 5

Insert the short legs of LEDs into the head of the flashlight
and the longer legs into the handle.

Step 6

Last, insert the red wire from the battery into the end of the
flashlight handle. Put the black wire in the the head of the
flashlight. Then, turn on the box to light up the LEDs.