Flower Project

Jun 16, 2023

Flower Project

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Step 1

Make the stem and leaves using green dough.

Step 2

Create a flat circle for the center of the flower and wrap it with a strip of white insulating dough.

Step 3

Next, wrap a strip of yellow around the white dough.

Step 4

Create the petals for the flower. You will need six petals for this step.

Step 5

Next, attach the center of the flower to the stem and add the petals to the outside of the flower center.

Step 6

Insert the LEDs into the flower. Be sure to place the longer LED leg into the red dough. This is also where the red wire from the battery holder will be inserted.

Step 7

Last, attach the battery holder to the flower. Make sure the red wire inserts into the red part of the flower and the black wire is inserted into the yellow outside ring. Turn on the battery holder to light up the flower.