Gold Crown Project

Jun 14, 2023

Gold Crown Project

Download Printable Instructions



Step 1

Make the points and the base for the crown using the yellow dough.

Step 2

Using the white insulating dough, create a thin strip that is roughly the same size as the crown base.

Step 3

Next, using either the blue or the purple dough (or combination of the two) create the jewels and place them on the points of the crown.

Step 4

Attach the strip of insulating dough to the top of the crown base.

Step 5

Next, curve the crown base into a half circle and place the points on top of the white insulating dough, ensuring the dough points touch.

Step 6

Insert LEDs to light the crown. Be sure to place the longer LED legs into the base as well as the red wire from the battery holder. Insert the shorter LED legs along with the black wire into the points of the crown.

Step 7

Turn on the switch of the battery holder to light up the LEDs in the gold crown!