Hot Air Balloon Project

Hot Air Balloon Project

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Step 1

Start by creating balloon portion using red dough. This shape should resemble an upside down egg.

Step 2

Next, create the basket using yellow dough. Make sure your yellow pieces of dough are touching each other.

Step 3

Divide the red balloon into halves. Then, place the yellow basket below the red dough.

Step 4

Insert a thin piece of insulating dough between the two red balloon halves.

Step 5

Then overlay three longer pieces of insulating dough over the red and yellow pieces to connect the balloon to the basket.

Step 6

Add in the LEDs by inserting the long LED leg into the right balloon half and the short LED leg into the left balloon half.

Step 7

Last, insert the red wire into the right half of the balloon and the black wire into the left. Turn on the battery holder to light up the balloon!