Ladybug Project

Ladybug Project

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Step 1

First, roll out a large piece of red dough into a ball. Cut the top of the circle to make the shape shown below. Do the same with a medium size ball of black dough.

Step 2

Roll out out a rectangular piece of white insulating dough and sandwhich it between the black and red dough.

Step 3

Create the ladybugs dots and wing line and attach to the body. Add the googly eyes to the head of the ladybug.

Step 4

Next, attach the long legs of LEDs into the body of the ladybug, with the short legs going into the head.

Step 5

Insert the red wire into the back right wing of the ladybug. Attach the black wire into the left side of the ladybugs head. Next, turn on the battery holder to see your ladybug light up!