Octopus Project

Jun 20, 2023

Octopus Project

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Step 1

Roll a piece of purple dough into a ball. This will be the body of the octopus.

Step 2

To make the arms, roll out eight thin pieces of purple dough. Keep one half of the arm straight and create a coil with the other half. Do this for all eight arms.

Step 3

Arrange the octopus arms so that the straight portions come together in the center. Make sure the opening in the center can be covered by the body. *The next three steps are shown from a side view.

Step 4

Cut the round ball for the body in half to create a top half and a bottom half. Place a thin piece of white insulating dough on top of the bottom half of the body. Then place the top half onto the insulating dough to form the whole body.

Step 5

Insert the long LED leg into the top portion of the body and the short leg into the bottom portion of the body.

Step 6

Last, insert the red wire from the battery into the top half of the body and the black wire into the bottom half of the body. Turn on the battery holder to light up your octopus!