Reindeer Project

Jun 16, 2023

Reindeer Project

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Step 1

Using the yellow dough, make four legs, a head, and a body.

Step 2

With the black dough, form four little disks and attach them to the end of the legs.

Step 3

Roll out a tube of white insulating dough and wrap it in a ribbon shape. Make a disk and place the ribbon on the disk to create a scarf.

Step 4

Next, attach the legs, scarf, and head to the body.

Step 5

Make two triangles with yellow dough for ears. Use the black dough to make two antlers. Attach the ears and antlers to the head.

Step 6

Next, make two little ovals out of black dough. Make a small white disk for the base of the nose. Attach the LED by sticking the shorter prong into the base of the nose and the other into the scarf.

Step 7

Attach the battery pack by inserting the red wire to the longer LED prong and black wire to the other. Turn the battery switch on to light up your reindeer.