Robot Project

Jun 16, 2023

Robot Project

Download Printable Instructions



Step 1

Create two robot feet.

Step 2

Build a robot body around the buzzer. Wires go out the back.

Step 3

Create robot arms.

Step 4

Build a robot head out of white insulating dough, and make the eyes out of regular dough. Attach eyes to the head.

Step 5

Create a strip with regular dough and attach to the back of the robot head.

Step 6

Assemble the robot body parts together. Add LEDs to the side of the head with the long wire from the LED going into the body and the short wire into the strip on the back of the head.

Step 7

Plug the red terminal from the buzzer into the body near the feet. Insert the black terminal into the strip on the back of the robot head. Place terminals from the battery holder in the same locations based on color. Send power to the robot by turning on the battery holder.