Rocket Project

Jun 20, 2023

Rocket Project

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Step 1

Create the body of the rocket using the red and yellow dough and white insulating dough. Sandwich the insulating dough between the yellow and red dough. Attach the buzzer to the bottom of the body.

Step 2

Cut three fins out of the blue dough and attach to the base of the rocket.

Step 3

Create the nosecone and cockpit area. Attach these elements to the rocket. Roll out a small ball of blue dough to be used later.

Step 4

Attach three LEDs by inserting the wire prongs into the colored dough. Make sure that the longer wire is inserted into the yellow dough and the shorter wire is inserted into the red dough.

Step 5

Last, attach the battery holder and the switch. Insert the red wires from the battery holder and buzzer into the red dough. Insert the black wire from the buzzer into the yellow base piece and the black wire from the battery holder into the blue ball. Insert the black wire from the switch into the blue ball and the red wire into the yellow base piece. Turn on the switch to sound the buzzer and make the lights shine.