Silly Face Project

Silly Face Project

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Step 1

Roll out long pieces of purple, orange, and black dough.

Step 2

Attach the two ends of the purple strip and form a smile.

Step 3

To create the eyes, split the black strip in half and create two arches. Roll out two small pieces of black dough and attach to the bottom of the arches to complete each shape.

Step 4

Roll two small ovals using black dough and place between the arches to finish the eyes.

Step 5

Split the orange strip of dough into five pieces and create wavy hair.

Step 6

Place all dough pieces in the formation of face and place the Piezo buzzer as the nose. Roll out orange and black balls. Insert the buzzer’s red wire into the orange ball and black wire into the black ball. Repeat this process with the battery holder. Turn on the battery holder to hear the buzzer.