Snowman Project

Jun 20, 2023

Snowman Project

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Step 1

Create body by rolling three pieces of white insulated dough into large, medium, and small balls.

Step 2

Next, roll out four pieces of black dough. Flatten two and place between your white body pieces. (save remaining two for next step)

Step 3

Use the remaining two pieces to create the hat and place on top of snowmans head.

Step 4

Roll out two pieces of black dough for buttons and a small cone with orange dough for the nose. Then place on snowman.

Step 5

Insert the short leg of each LED into black dough of lower body. Insert the longer legs into black dough of upper body.

Step 6

Last, insert the red wire from battery into black dough of upper body and the black wire into black dough of lower body. Turn on the battery holder to light up your snowman.