Stars Project

Stars Project

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Step 1

Begin by flattening a round piece of yellow dough.

Step 2

Next, using the tip of a pen or pencil, make some light indentations into the dough. The indentations should form a star shape.

Step 3

Using a cutting tool, slice through and remove the yellow dough by following the indentations created in step two.

Step 4

Remove the unwanted portions of dough to reveal the star. Smooth out any rough edges on your star. Repeat steps one through four to create a second star.

Step 5

Place the stars next to each other with a small gap between the two closest points. Connect the stars together using an LED. Place the long terminal into the left star and the short terminal into the right star.

Step 6

Last, attach the battery holder. Insert the red wire into the left star and the black wire into the right star. Next, turn on the battery holder to see the LED light up.