Submarine Project

Jun 20, 2023

Submarine Project

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Step 1

Roll out a large piece of dough and create a hollow area in the rear.

Step 2

Place the fan motor inside the hollow area and the buzzer on top of the submarine body.

Step 3

To create porthole windows, roll out and flatten three small balls of blue dough. Place the windows on the side of the submarine body.

Step 4

Roll a small tube for the periscope of the submarine. Place the periscope in front of the buzzer.

Step 5

Roll out a ball of orange dough and blue dough. These will be used to complete the circuit, inserting the black wires into the blue ball and the red wires into the orange ball.

Step 6

Last, attach the battery holder. Insert the red wire into the orange ball and the black wire into the blue ball. Turn on the battery holder to spin the fan blade and turn on the buzzer.