Whale Project

Jun 20, 2023

Whale Project

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Step 1

Create body by rolling a large piece of dough into “tear drop” shape.

Step 2

To create tail pinch out the narrow end of “tear drop” body into fan shape. Raise tail to stand off of table.

Step 3

To create eyes roll out two white balls and two smaller black balls. Place the black dough on top of the white dough to make eyes. Place on side of whale head.

Step 4

Use insulate white dough to make blowhole. Place on top of whale’s head.

Step 5

Roll a small tube of conductive for the water spout. Stand up on top of white blowhole.

Step 6

Insert the short leg of the LED into the water spout. Be sure to place the longer LED leg into the whale’s body. This is also where the red wire from the battery holder will be inserted.

Step 7

Last, attach the battery holder to the whale. Insert the red wire into the whale’s body and the black wire into the water spout. Turn on the battery holder to light up the whale.