Wreath Project

Wreath Project

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Step 1

Roll out two pieces of green dough and one piece of white insulation dough. The white dough should be slightly longer than the green pieces. Leave the green dough pieces round and flatten the white dough.

Step 2

Next, place the flattened white dough in between the two green pieces and twist the three pieces together. The white dough should prevent the green dough pieces from touching each other.

Step 3

Create the round wreath shape by curving your twisted dough until the white and green ends are able to touch.

Step 4

Create a flat disc of white dough and place it over the spot where the ends of the twisted dough connect. Then, add five small red balls to the top of the white dough disc.

Step 5

Place four LEDs in your wreath. Be sure to insert the long terminal from all LEDs into the same green piece of dough. The short terminals will then be inserted into the other piece of green dough.

Step 6

Last, attach the battery holder. Insert the red wire into the green dough with the long LED terminals and insert the black wire into the green dough with the short terminals. Turn on the battery holder to light up the LEDs.