Deluxe Battery Holder - Squishy Circuits
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Every Squishy Circuits creation starts with a battery holder to provide power to the rest of the circuit. This battery holder holds 4 AA batteries (batteries not included) and features strong wires with terminals attached to easily and quickly start creating with Squishy Circuits.

Want to skip the batteries? Try our Power Hub which uses power from a phone charger, laptop, or Chromebook!

The Deluxe Battery Holder has a slider knob that allows you to pulse the output! This allows you to blink your LEDs, beep your buzzers, and slow your motors. The slider position determines the frequency.

Our battery holders are custom-designed to protect them from overheating if the battery terminals touch and short out directly. However, because no other battery holder performs like this, it is best to not teach that this can be done.

How to Open the Battery Holder:
On the back side (opposite of the label), push down on the triangle region near the bottom and slide up toward the wires. Insert the batteries. 

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