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Welcome Macomb County 3rd Graders, Teachers and Parents! We are so thrilled to partner with the MISD on a project aimed at engaging students through play-based engineering. Electrical Engineering might sound complicated, but engineers love problems, love tinkering and are insatiably curious. Don't worry, we have all the resources you need to get you started if you get stuck.
Below you will find your kit contents, sample videos to get you started, a link to the optional app and links to endless activities that are connected to national science standards (NGSS). Thank you for supporting our young learners and future engineers!

Kit Contents:

1 - Battery Holder with 4 AA Batteries
3 - Conductive Dough (various colors)
1 - Insulating Dough (white) (if it has hardened, try placing it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it up)
15 - LEDs (various colors)
1 - Switch
1 - Piezo Buzzer


 What is a Circuit?

Conductors and Insulators

What is Polarity?

What is a Short Circuit?

Quick Start:

Sample Projects (dough colors used may vary)

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