What is a Circuit

What is a Circuit

Photo of a Circuit

Electricity is a form of energy that is generated by the movement of charged particles called electrons. This flow of electrons can be used to power our electrical devices and forms a circuit.

Circuits allow the electricity to travel to all of your electronics. A circuit conducts electricity from a power source to the object that’s using the electricity to perform a function - we call these objects loads. Loads can be simple devices like light bulbs or complex like TVs.

In the example to the left, batteries provide power to the circuit. Electrons are flowing in a loop from the battery holder, through the LED light, and back to the battery holder. You can see the electron’s path indicated by the yellow arrows.

‘Circuit’ sort of sounds like ‘Circle’ and that can be helpful to remember as we move forward. To be a completed circuit, the electrons must be able to flow in a circle!

Creating a Simple Circuit

Creating a Simple Squishy Circuit



1) Gather materials. You will need a battery holder, a LED, and conductive dough (not white dough). Make sure you’ve added 4 AA batteries into your battery holder.

2) Begin by rolling out two pieces of conductive dough . Make sure the dough pieces are not touching. Then, separate the terminals of the LED and insert it into both pieces of dough, bridging the gap between the two dough pieces. Notice that there is a longer and shorter leg on the LED.

3) Insert the red wire from the battery holder into the piece of dough that also has the longer LED terminal. Insert the black wire from the battery holder with the piece of dough that also has the shorter LED terminal.

Turn the battery holder on and watch the LED light up!

We have completed our circuit! Electrons are flowing from the battery holder, into the dough, through the LED, back into the other dough piece, and finally back to the battery holder. A circuit circle!

This basic circuit will be repeated on every Squishy Circuit, but the size and colors of the dough will change depending on what we are making.