Lite Kit
Lite Kit - Squishy Circuits
Lite Kit - Squishy Circuits
Lite Kit - Squishy Circuits
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Explore the wonders of electronics with the Squishy Circuits Lite Kit, a perfect introduction for curious minds eager to delve into the world of circuits. Ideal for beginners, this kit allows users to grasp fundamental concepts in a hands-on and engaging way. Explore how circuits operate, create a conductor/insulator tester, and more.

The Lite Kit is best complemented by the Standard or Deluxe Kits, as they offer additional components for expanded experimentation. Components from larger kits can be shared, enhancing the learning experience. The inclusion of a battery holder in each Squishy Circuit means that this Lite Kit can easily amplify the fun when paired with other kits.


  • 1 Battery Holder
  • 15 LEDs (5 each of Red, Green, Blue)
  • 1 7-Ounce Container of Conductive Dough (colors vary)