How to Use an LED

How to Use an LED

LEDs in a Squishy Circuit



LEDs add light to your Squishy Circuits creations! LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. An LED emits light when electricity passes through it. LEDs are great for Squishy Circuits because they use less power than traditional light bulbs. They also come in a variety or colors! Try different ones in your circuits (or add multiple!)

To use, separate the terminals and add the longer one to the dough with the battery holder's red wire. The shorter terminal goes to the dough with the black wire. See the 'Simple Circuit' example.

LEDs are a consumable when used with Squishy Circuits – the terminals will break and erode during use. Expect a few hours of continuous use before replacement is required. We also offer wired LEDs that are much more durable and useful for schools and camps.

Never connect an LED directly to the battery holder or power hub because it could burn out.

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